Monday, October 15, 2012

Can Social Media Help Build Online Traffic To Your Website To Make Money With Adsense

Social Media has become the one of the primary source when it comes to communication.Facebook, Twitter, and several other media outlets are used daily. Companies are using this to help grow their business. With the push of a button you can communicate with thousands of people at once. The question you need to ask yourself is, can Social Media help me build traffic to my website to make money with Google Adsense?

The answer is YES and NO!  Some Social Media sites like facebook and twitter can send hundreds of people to your website if used right.The only problem I have with using these two is, even though it can send traffic to your webpages, it does not help when it comes to making money using Google Adsense. I find these two social media outlets more effective if you are selling products online.

When you are dealing with making money with google adsense, you not only need traffic, but you need targeted traffic.Whatever your website is about, those are the people you are targeting to come visit your site.Sending a link to your website to everyone in your facebook account will certainly get you traffic to your site. The only problem is, it's not targeted traffic so it does not help making money with adsense.

For example, if you have a site on "How to find love" and send it to everyone in your facebook account, most people will click on that link. Now, are they clicking on that link because they are interested in "Finding love", or are they just curious?It has been my experience that because you are in their facebook circle, they are curious about what your article is about and not looking for love themselves.

I have however found 2 social media sites that are great when you are using adsense to monetize your blog or website. Those 2 sites are Stumbleupon and Reddit.

If you learn how to use these two sites properly, they can send hundreds of targeted visitors to your website. I use these 2 sites to promote all of my posts and I have no regrets. Just keep in mind that these are Social Media sites, so interacting with others on the site is key. By doing this you could get moved to the front page of these sites and get a thousand visitors a day easily. So join these 2 sites and whatever you are writing about, find those articles and start commenting on them. Soon you will see your traffic slowly start growing.

This is not an quick process. It takes a few week then you will see your traffic increase. Good Luck!