Monday, September 5, 2011

3 Effective Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Website To Make Money Online In 2013

If you have a website that is not getting any traffic, it does not mean you don't have great content, so don't get discourage. The main thing you want to do is learn how to get people to your site through the Search Engine.People always have questions, and it's up to you to provide the answer to whatever question they may have about your subject.Here are 3 ways for getting traffic to your website.

1.Choose Your Title Careful: The Title of your article is crucial for search engines.If you are just using miscellanous words in your Title, you are hurting your website.The search engines are looking for keywords that you have in your Title, in order to know what it is you are writing about.It's the first thing the engines see.
You must be specific in your Title,so that the traffic that you receive will be targeted traffic.If you notice my subject, it is very specific. I don't want anyone that is looking for something on fishing to come to this site, because this site is not about fishing. People that click on my title know exactly what it is I'm writing about.

2.Marketing Effectively: Most people take this for granted. They feel if they send blast emails to friends in Facebook,Myspace,and Twitter they have done marketing. Now don't get me wrong, it's marketing, but it is not effective marketing. Most people in your Facebook account will visit your site, but they are not going to be that interested in your information. They will support you and that is pretty much it. You have to get in front of people that is looking for the information that you are giving. If you have a site on the Philadelphia Eagles Foofball Team, you must get in front of Football fans.If you were to leave a link toyour Philadelphia Eagle site on my web page right now, it would be a terrible strategy because people that come to this site is looking for ways to get traffic to their website.They would care less about the Philadelphia Eagles.

3.Commenting On Others Site: This is one of the most overlooked ways at getting traffic to your site. If you were to take 1 day out of every week and do nothing but commenting, you would be surprised over time the amount of traffic you can receive.Just make sure you are commenting on articles that are related to what you have written about.Give some of your own inputs in the comment section because people are always reading what people are saying in the comment section.When you finish commenting, their will be a place where you can leave a link back to your site.Giving good comments will make some people want to know more about you ,and they will visit the link you have provided.

These are effective ways of getting traffic to your website for the long run. It will take time, but just continue to focus and watch the traffic start building.

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