Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting Targeted Google Search Engine Traffic To Your Website

It's just not enough to have traffic coming to your Website. What you are looking for is Search Engine Targeted Traffic. When people type something in the Search Engine, that means they are looking for something specific.For the most part, people are always asking the Search Engine a question. For example, they might type in the phrase" How To Get Traffic To My Website".If you have a site on this particular Keyword phrase, then the Search Engine can list your site as a site that has the answers.

Most people go about getting traffic to their site the wrong way. For the most part, they write articles pertaining to different subjects and the search engines find this useless.You must find a niche that you are passionate about and give useful information to people that have questions. If you do this, you can get a lot of subscribers to your site, which can make your site go viral if they spread the word about your site.

Google, Yahoo, and other Search Engines can send you a massive amount of targeted traffic. The way to get this traffic is write about 15 articles centered around the same "Keywords". For example, if you wanted to write on Golf, you can make one article "What kind of golfclubs to use in Golf","How to better your game in Golf", and so on. If the search engines feel that you have a great amount of information on certain topics, they can rank your site high in the search engine and send you loads of traffic.

So, if you are trying to rank well in the search engines, find a topic you know a lot of information on, and give answers to questions people are asking.