Sunday, October 28, 2012

Using Youtube To Promote Your Website

One of the most overlooked ways of promoting a website for beginners is the use of youtube. Youtube is a very popular place that people go to for information.Putting your website link in the description can bring traffic. When I don't know how to do something, it's normally youtube that I turn too because I can see a visual of what I'm looking for.

The great thing about youtube is how quick it can go viral if the video is good. So how would you use video to market your website.

1. Since your posts are what you are promoting let your video be about each post, that way you are promoting each post in your website. Now with youtube, depending on your niche, there is the chance that your first couple videos will only get a handful of views. The key is to get one of your videos to get popular. Once that happens people will start visiting your other videos, which means traffic back to your website.

2. Another great thing about youtube is how people love to share videos. If I see a video related to my posts and I think it could help my audience, I normally embed the video in my post. Not only am I helping my audience, but I am also marketing. If people start sharing your videos and you have your link in your desription leading back to your website, you could receive a lot of free traffic.

Just like people are looking for answers in articles, they are also looking for answers on youtube. Don't be afraid to use this tool, because this could get you traffic to your site quickly.