Sunday, October 28, 2012

Beginners Website Vs Google AdSense

Are you trying to make money online using adsense and just can't seem to put it together? Maybe that is where your problem starts.

When beginners start out trying to make money online using ad sense, they focus more on the money part rather than providing readers the information they need. Information goes to the back burner and just focusing on what you made today is your primary focus.

I remember when I first signed up for Google Adsense, I went to my adsense account every 2 minutes to see if I made any money. Sometimes I couldn't even write a full article without clicking over to the ad sense account. Because of that, my traffic really struggled. I was not writing and promoting my articles and I was averaging $1/month. That's right..A BUCK!

After a couple months, I started researching and concentrated on nothing but writing. About 6 months of doing this I started gaining some traffic. Along with the traffic came a few more ad clicks, so instead of making just a dollar a month, I started making $20/month. Now that may not seem like much, but just continuing to see improvement each month motivated me to continue. Now, I'm in my third year with adsense and I'm making $600/month. I only do this for supplemental income so that money is like a part-time job wage.

So, If you are trying to make money with adsense, STOP IT! Focus on writing and promoting and the money will follow. If you don't learn how to get traffic to your site, you can't make money with adsense anyway, so why focus on adsense instead of your traffic.

Find something you are passionate about and write a lot of articles.After a few months, you will slowly start building your traffic and adsense will reward your hard work.