Thursday, June 6, 2013

Using Google Keyword Research To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Website in 2013

In order to make money online, whether it be from content using adsense or selling your own line of products, you will need a good amount of targeted traffic flowing to your website or blog.

In my first year trying to make money online, I wrote a lot of articles but none of them were getting any traffic. I checked my content and the articles seem to be written fairly well, so what was my problem. Well after doing a lot of research from people who were getting great traffic to their website, I found they had one thing in common and that was " Google Keyword Research".

Now, for most beginners they have no idea about this, they figure just write and people will visit. The problem is they can't visit because you are not visible to them. Unless you are on the first 2 pages of the search engines, you are not going to get seen much regardless how well your content is written. Search engines mostly feeds off of keywords. There are other factors, but keywords are crucial.

Instead of me trying to explain to you in this article how to use it, I encourage you to go to youtube and type in "Low Competition Keyword Research". There you will find several visual sites that will explain how to use this powerful tool.

In a matter of a couple months you could be ranking on the first page of Google and begin to drive huge amounts of traffic to your website. So, go to youtube and get started viewing videos so you can make money with your website.