Thursday, August 1, 2013

3 Reasons Why Not To Earn A Living With Google Ad Sense Alone

Google Ad Sense is a great way to make money online, especially now days. With technology and the ability to spread your content around on different social media platform, your website or blog could be seen quick.

With good traffic to your website or blog, adsense can be a great way to monetize them. Now, even though Adsense is a great way to earn money online, I don't believe a publisher should put all of their eggs in one basket.I will give you 3 reasons why I wouldn't try to earn a living with google adsense.

1. Totally Relying On Google Search Engine For Traffic.If you are depending on adsense to earn a living, that means you must have at least 50k-100k unique visitors a month to your website or blog. In order to do this you most likely rely on search engine traffic from google, and trust me if your topic is hot google can flood your website with traffic. The problem is that relying on google is not safe. Because of all of the panda updates and policy changes they perform, your website could get hit and you could lose 80% of that traffic overnight. Now your earning has went from $3000/month to $500/month. So many publishers in the past have lost their full-time income because they solely relied on google search engine and adsense.

2. You Could Lose Your Adsense Account Instantly Without An Explanation. This should have been number 1 instead of 2. When you are dealing with the adsense program, you always have to keep in mind that google will go to all means necessary to protect their advertisers, and that means disabling accounts if they feel any kind of fraud going on. Now when I say fraud, I'm not referring it's done by you, the publisher. It could be someone in another country that clicks on your ads  and google could believe it to be fraud and penalize the publisher (even if you did nothing wrong) by banning their website from adsense. Even though there is an appeal system, there is only a 10% chance you will be reinstated. Now your full time income is completely gone without warning.

3.Makes Readers Leave Your Site.If you are a person that has different income coming from your website, with adsense being one of them, it makes it hard for you to get the full potential out of your website. I have adsense on most of my blogs, but when it comes to my website where I'm making money through other affiliate programs or selling my ebook which I've written, adsense is nowhere to be found. If you're wondering my reasoning it's simple, I don't want people to leave that site by clicking on advertisement. If you are trying to sell a product and people are constantly leaving your site you lose out on making money with your product for a click that may be worth $0.50. It just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to do that.

In conclusion, adsense is a great program in which publishers can earn a great supplemental or full time income, just keep in mind all the risk factors that may be involved in solely depending on google and adsense to pay your bills each month.

If you are a publisher who has made a living with adsense for a few years, I'm sure other readers would love what you did to earn for so long, so please leave a response in the comment.