Thursday, August 1, 2013

How To Get Approved And Use Google Ad sense

So, what does it take to get approve for the ad sense program by google. The only thing you would need is a blog or website that you wish to monetize. Once you have that, go to to get signed up.

Once you are approved for the program, you will be given a code to paste into your website and google will do the rest. If you don't know how to display the code into your website, view the video below to learn how.

Once the code has been implemented, google will crawl your website to view keywords to understand what your website is about. Google will then try and display ads that are related to your topic.

If readers visit your blog or website and click the advertisment that are displayed, google will share 68% of the revenue with you.

Now in order to make some good money, my suggestion would be to write a lot of content for your website or blog first before signing up for adsense. The reason being is adsense can be a huge distraction for beginners and therefore can lead to frustration.Having a website that already has content and viewers can make it easy to start earning right away once you've signed up and received approval.

If you already have a website and are already using affiliate programs such as Amazon or Clickbank but looking to maximize revenue from the site I would suggest NOT USING GOOGLE ADSENSE! The reason behind this is when you're using adsense your readers clicks on advertisements on your site. This means that they are leaving your site once the ad is clicked. Now if you are selling products on that site, you definitely don't want visitors leaving the site just to earn a few pennies from adsense.

For all the beginners that are just starting out, you can always start a blog with until you get the hang of blogging. It is owned by google and does very well. It's also very easy to get approved into adsense with it because google owns it. It's FREE so what are you waiting for! Sign up and start blogging.