Thursday, October 3, 2013

Avoiding Plagiarism Content

Avoiding plagiarism and producing original content is vital to a long lasting blog or website. One of the most damaging thing that could happen to an online writer is to copy someone work as your own and get punished by search engines.

For those who don't know what plagiarism is I will share with you. If you are writing an article and decide to use someone else quotes or take parts of someone else ideas and pass it along as your own work without giving credit or references to the original source, you are committing plagiarism. You find a lot of this  happening with college students

 The problem most website owners have is that they don't even realize they are doing it,especially beginners. They figure quoting someone or maybe using  phrases written or spoken by someone else is harmless.Even though it may seem to be harmless it could hurt the writers website.

I say this because Google may see this as duplicate content and because Google now use page rank in their indexing, your site could be on page 20 of the search results before even getting a chance, simply because of using someone else work without sending a link back to the original source.

Giving a link back to the original source could be a great way of establishing relationships with others in your niche. If a few high quality websites owners see traffic coming from a link within your site and they visit your site and like it, you could benefit greatly from this.All you need is for your site to be mentioned on their high traffic website.

So for all the newbie writers, try to avoid plagiarism and write with your own personality. Just paraphrasing someone or spinning someone else work just doesn't work. If you like what someone else has written, don't be a reporter and state their facts. Put you own style of writing into it and make it your own to avoid getting penalized before you even get indexed.