Sunday, September 15, 2013

Making Money Online Versus Making Money Offline

How do you approach making money online vs making money offline? If you are honest with yourself, most of you would answer that you treat them very different.

Now, when it comes to offline work like a 9-5 job, just how dedicated are you to that job? Is it 20%..60%..90%..or 100% dedicated. It really doesn't matter what line of work you're involved in, we can all agree that it's how we pay our bills, eat, and have a roof over our head.

In order to be successful at paying our monthly bills, getting up out of the bed on Monday morning when you absolutely don't feel like it becomes necessary, because if you don't show up for work it's possible you may not have a job come Tuesday morning. Now that doesn't mean that the bills will stop coming, but what it does mean is you better find another mean of income.

It is no difference trying to earn a living online. Having that same mental approach of dedication and getting out of that bed on Monday morning to get a project done or doing research for 10 hours for your next article becomes ingredients to your online success.

The problem most online publishers have is procrastination. Loving to put things off until the next day can get you in a world of trouble whether online or offline. People who read and bookmark your website expect fresh content on a regular whether that is daily or weekly, and if you don't provide that for them they will easily move to another website which can spell disaster for a website, because without visitors you can't make any money.

So, if you're a person who are achieving great things in the offline world and want to give earning a living online a shot, just remember it will take that same dedication, hard work, and building trust to achieve your goals.