Saturday, August 3, 2013

2 Powerful And Effective Ways To Increase Google Search Engine Traffic

If you have a website, you have found out that the life blood of that website is determined by traffic. If you are not getting any traffic to your website, it will become just another piece of content that nobody ever see.

Now in order to get traffic to your website, you need to either get it on the first page of Google, or pay for it. Both are effective, however, not many people have the extra money to pay for their site to be seen.

I will give you my 2 powerful and effective tips that have worked for me.

1.Always visit your competitors blogs on the first 3 page results on Google and leave valuable comments on each post. Now you may ask, what does this do. We all know that a website that is on the first 3 pages of Google for a search term receives lots of traffic. Most of these website allow you to comment and by doing so you can leave your website link.

This does two things. First it gives you a back link to your website from a site that has a lot of link juice.This can improve your page ranking. The second thing it does is give you visibility.If you make valuable comments with these sites, you could help their visitors, and in turn their visitors will click your on your name and you pick up a good amount of traffic. Depending on your niche, some of these sites get 5000-10000 visitors a day, so why not tap into this if your site is a lot further down in the results page on Google.

2.Answer questions in forums that is related to your topic. People come to the internet with a question. If you could answer their question with an answer that stands out from the rest, this could make you stand out from the crowd and people start bookmarking your site. Not only answer their question, but write a post about the question and give detail answers. This could lead to a lot of visitors in just a few months.

If you could do these tips at least 3 times a week, you slowly will start seeing your traffic grow. Don't forget, give valuable comments because who knows, the author may want you to do a guest post and you will be in front of a large audience.