Friday, August 2, 2013

How Can Beginners Make Money Online Blogging Without Investing Any Money

Normally life teaches you that if you want to make money you must invest money. I believe in that concept of life, however, there are ways to make money online without investing a single cent.

The first thing to look for if you're looking to make money online is, what are you interested in. This more than anything could lead to great success making money online. Unless you know what it is that you're most interested in, you will lose focus and fade fast into the sunset of the internet world.

Having your mind focused on ONE thing is crucial to branding yourself on the internet. You got to remember, nobody know you so trust is the key ingredient here. If people feel like they can trust you it can open up the doors to great things.

I was a caregiver for two family members (father,grandfather)who had alzheimer's, and I went through a lot of mental and emotional stress while doing it. As I started looking for an outlet because family didn't understand, I found that so many people were having the same issues.A lot of the questions asked, I had already been through. I started a website about the disease and give pointers for beginners who need guidance through the frustration and other things that were involved. This became my passion and before you knew it people started trusting my advice and now my website is earning me a great income. My situation became an outlet and a passion for me helping people.

The system that I used to make money on my website was a program by Google called "Google Adsense".After signing up for this program and getting approved I started making a few dollars right away.The key to me making money right away was I already had my website full of content and people already visiting.

Now for those who have not heard of this program it is a program where Google displays advertisements on your website and each time someone visits your site and clicks the ads, you make money.All you have to do is write lots of articles about what you're passion about, build your audience, and start making money. Now even though this sounds easy it still takes work and dedication.

To get started on your FREE blogging platform, just go to,sign up,choose your template, and start writing.You won't have to pay a penny.As you begin to get traffic to your blog, adsense money will start to grow.

So, get started writing about something you know a lot about that you think will help people and start making money.