Sunday, August 18, 2013

Google Search Engine Traffic Is The Secret To Making Money Online

Are you getting Google Search Engine Traffic to your website? Are there really making money online secrets ? Nowadays, everyone that starts out trying to make extra money online believes that there is some magic to it.Spending countless hours reading different articles on SECRET TRICKS used to make money and end of spending their money on products sold to get these secrets in order to make money.

Out of all the money that is made online, about 80% of it is made by ONLY 20% of the internet marketers. Now that is a low percentage, which means there are a lot of marketers out there struggling trying to come up with ways of how to earn money. Now the 20 % is making a killing off the people that are struggling by selling their "SECRETS" to them.Before you purchase another product from someone about their secrets, let me just give you the real secret. GOOGLE TRAFFIC AND RESEARCH! There is no other secret.

There are always questions to be answered. People who are searching the web are normally looking for solutions to problem.This is what divide money makers from the rest. So, how can you become part of the solution.It's easy, first find out the problem.

 The reason most beginners fail when it comes to making money online is that with no strategy or planning, their website is doomed before they even get their feet planted good.If you want your site to take off you MUST spend some time on research because it's the only way to solving the RIGHT problems.

Let me give you an example: Let's say you have a website about Dogs. You might have written 20 great articles on this particular subject but nobody is visiting your site.Why is that? It's because not a lot of people are searching for the keyword(s) you're using in your articles, or the competition is too high.If it's not search for a lot or because of the competition you end up on page 10 in the Google results, you won't get any traffic regardless how great the content is.

You take the same subject on dogs and go to "Google Keyword Tool" and research just what problems people having." How to make a dog sit" may only get searched for 50 times a month in Google so it would be useless to write on that because you would not generate any traffic."How to stop a dog from barking" may get searched 5,000 times a month and the competition is low. This will be an article to write on because you would have a great chance of ranking well for this keyword phrase and get a good supply of traffic from it.

Now with the traffic, you can sell them affiliate products pertaining to their search. Amazon has an affiliate program that you can sign up for and place their products on your website and earn commissions.Not only are you helping your visitor,but you're getting commission for it.

So, in conclusion the secret to making money online is finding the problem by doing research and getting a good supply of traffic, then help solve their problem with information or products.