Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Have You Performed A Web Page Speed Test On Your Website?

One of the most overlooked aspects when it come to traffic to a website is the speed of the site.When it comes to SEO, we as publishers focus mainly on keywords and content.

Now even though these are the most crucial part of the website, making sure your page is loading quickly can be the difference in placement, especially now that mobile phones are playing a big factor in search engine traffic.

Matt Cutts from Google made a video saying that page speed most times dictate if you are in the 10th spot or 8th spot in the results. So if it seem that you can't get out of that 10th spot you're, check the speed of your website.

A great way to analyze your speed is by looking at the score card in your Google Adsense account. Even though it's from the previous day, it gives you something to improve on for that day.

Another method to analyze your performance is through Google Analytics. This is a very powerful tool because it gives you a lot of information about how your visitors are interacting with your site. I'm always keeping an eye out for bounce rates in my reports because that could be another reason why a website is not moving up in the results.

If you have any kind of Google account, whether it be gmail, blogger, or adsense, you can sign into Google Analytics with the same username and password.

If it shows you have poor website speed, you no doubt want to perform a test on your site.Click the link below to analyze each page on your site.