Saturday, August 17, 2013

Google Search Engine Traffic To Your Website Within Weeks

Do you want to know how to get free Google Search Engine Traffic to your website? Search Engine Traffic can come in two forms, FREE OR PAID. Unless you have a lot of money to fund the paid form, then you must really research on how to get the free form.

Traffic is the key to any website on the internet. Without it a website is totally useless. But you just don't want any kind of traffic, you want targeted traffic.Here are my 2 ways to get Free Search Engine Traffic.

1.Getting Index/Listed In Google.The first thing you want to do is get your website listed in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These are the Big 3 Search Engines, but mainly Yahoo and Bing pull their information from Google. Not only do you want to get listed/index in these search engines, you want to make sure your website is search engine friendly.

When search engine crawlers come to a site, the site has to provide the right information in order for the engines to know what the site is about in order to properly index it. Not all  websites that are indexed receive traffic though. If you are not listed on the first 3 pages of Google for your keyword phrase, you aren't going to do very well. Your  website will become just another site among the other million. That's why you must learn how to optimize your site in order for it to get the best results.

Putting images on each page is a good way to help optimize your site. Make sure you're putting context with your keywords under each image because search engines read text not images.

2.Writing Great Content And Building Backlinks. This is a part that really makes the different when it comes to ranking well in search engines.Writing great articles that is very informative and gives solutions to problems that people have keeps those people coming back for more information.

Not only does it help solve problems people have, but it also provides credibility  which after a period of time will have other Authors or Publishers link to your site to provide information to their visitors. When other publishers link to your site based on your content, Google see this as a plus and therefore rank your site higher in the engines.

Do not try and build back links by buying them. Google and other search engines does not count this as good, and will punish your site or maybe drop your site. If you are going to get back links for your site, let it be natural and not by purchasing them.

If you want to get great back links find articles that are relevant to what your site is about and leave valuable comments. By doing this you will be able to leave a link back to your site that can generate good traffic.

In summary, the key to getting free search engine traffic is to pump out great content that is informative. In doing this people will start subscribing to your site, and other publishers will link to your site providing you with a whole new audience.

These are just two examples of how to obtain free traffic. What are you two ways you generate search engine traffic? Leave me a comment.