Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why Choose Yahoo Search Engine Instead Of Just Google For Website Traffic

When it comes to Traffic to a website, the search engine most publishers go after is Google Traffic.While I can't say I blame them, I think overlooking Yahoo Search Engine for traffic is a big mistake.

Yahoo is the second largest search engine and it can provide huge amounts of traffic. Matter of fact, Yahoo topped Google for web traffic in the month of July. Now that's a huge deal because Google has been at the top spot since 2011.

The reason Google is so well liked by many publishers, including myself, is that they have great tools to help accomplish getting ranked well in their search results.

Three weeks ago I started noticing Yahoo sending more Traffic than Google and that had never happened before.Seem like each day while looking in my Google Analytic, Yahoo Organic Traffic was on the rise. I was getting good rankings for keywords that Google didn't rank me well for.

Yahoo has return and is starting to play a bigger role in web search. If a person learn how they can dominate these two search engines instead of just Google, the sky will be the limit.

So the question is, have you really tried to get at the top of the search result page in Yahoo like you do in Google? Are you getting a lot of Yahoo Traffic? Leave a comment and let me know if you have seen a rise in traffic.